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Emergency Power Supply System Readiness Program


Are you sure

your emergency power system

will be ready when you need it?

Even properly maintained equipment wears out and fails, often without warning. Most businesses can't afford to discover the backup power system they counted on doesn't work. Our exclusive Emergency Power Supply System Readiness Program was developed to ensure the continued operation of Life Safety and Mission Critical electrical systems under normal as well as adverse operating circumstances. 


Expect More than the Industry Standard

The Emergency Power Supply System Readiness Program goes beyond the industry standard in emergency power system maintenance.  Our goal is to create a partnership with our customers and share our knowledge and experience with the facilities management team so they are ready when an emergency occurs.  We provide generator and site specific training. 


Count on Our Attention to Detail

With each scheduled service we produce detailed reports to keep our clients up to date on the status of their system.  Thorough knowledge of an Emergency Power Supply System is critical in preventing failure.  We are in the business of developing an understanding of our customer’s EPSS.   We have developed a program that emphasizes data collection, analysis, and inspection in order to identify irregularities before they can lead to a failure of the operating system. 


Prevent Unexpected Failure

No matter how well the system is planned, designed, and installed, its performance will only be as reliable as the level of maintenance that is performed on the entire system.  It is surprising how often tens of thousands of dollars are invested in an emergency power system, only to have it fail during an outage due to a dead battery.


The EPSS Readiness Program is comprised of three phases: 



Collect and analyze site specific information:

  • Functional One line Diagrams

  • Floor plans

  • Power Surveys 

  • Visual data base

  • General and Site Specific Training



Observe Emergency Power Supply System Operation

  • Live load Testing:

  • Observing and Recording Time Delays

  • Fuel Consumption

  • Constraints and Limitations



Perform system readiness checks and services:

  • Prime Mover Inspections/Services

  • Automatic Transfer Switch Inspections/Services

  • Paralleling Switchgear Inspections/Services

  • Spotting trends and tendencies that could contribute to failures.

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